cant instal any programe


I hope that i posted this topic on the right place.
My problem is that if i downloaded a program or driver i cant instal it…
i see the proses for ± 10 seconds and after that it disapears.
before i instaled comodo i didnt have problems.
an issu could by that i use comodo on windows 7 64bit.

does somebody has an sulution for my?


Welcome to the forum nyxus.

I’ve moved your post here as I’m guessing it may be D+ related.

Can you give us an example of a program or driver that has behaved in the way you describe. Also would you provide details of your configuration settings for D+.

CIS works quite happily with Windows 7, so the issue lies elsewhere.

Do you get any error messages when this happens? Either from Windows or CIS? Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs? They can be found under Defense+ → Common Tasks → View Defense+ events.