Can't imagine needing (paying for) another Firewall!

My two year subscription for ZA Pro is winding down so I’ve been searching Firewalls. I was quite satisfied with ZA, however, I resented the fact that unless you pay an additional fee, after 30 days you cannot reinstall it. The licenses for my other software like NOD32 or SpySweeper are good for the length of the subscription. I’ve mastered the basic Comodo setup and really like and appreciate it. Thank you so much!

Do you mean that if you have to reinstall windows, you have to pay extra for reinstalling ZA, even though you have already paid for it? :o
That sounds… hmmm… (:AGY)

Welcome to the Comodian people! Comodo are just here to give earth people some great security products, and then they will go to another galaxy to continue their work… ;D
(it may be just a rumor… ;))

Hi ratchet and welcome to the forums and being a Comodo user. :slight_smile: I have quit using ZA for quite some time myself and you took me by surprise with your reinstall statement. They are obviously getting high on themselves or scared of CPF and need to sap every bit of $$ out of users wallets. I started disliking them a couple back but now , wow. Well from experience I can tell you CPF is far better, and as you should already know, UNFORTUNATELY, you don’t have time to shower, make coffee and run to the store before CPF starts and the pc is ready to go. ;D If ZA was anything like it was a half a year ago, my kids would grow an inch before it loaded. Anyway, sorry to hear about that, but glad to hear you are using a BETTER firewall and for FREE. There is a greener side to everything. :wink:


I keep all my current executable packages on the H/D and on a flash drive, just in case a situation like yours occurs; this way at least you can do a reinstall. I keep a log file for all my: contract 3’s, passwords and keys.

As you can tell, I’ve been burnt before >:(

(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Hi Ratchet, I uninstalled ZASS a week ago with 120 days left on my subscription to install CPF. Best 120 days I ever wasted. I just couldn’t take the BS any more. Every time they created an upgrade, it was a gamble as to whether you would install computer problems. I was a faithful viewer of the ZA forum, and every day you would see people with huge problems after installation or upgrade. I was a nervous wreck when I uninstalled ZASS for fear that I would miss a file and I wouldn’t be able to install Comodo. Comodo is the best. My pc loads faster and shuts down in almost half the time. No more bugs to live with, and some apps perform better. (:WIN)

Heck, I even like the tray icon?

But wait, that’s not all, I believe the next build will implement traffic lights into the tray icon. :wink:


I like how you get a status when you pass your pointer over the icon in the systray.


Glad you like Comodo Personal Firewall, I use to be a ZoneAlarm user just like you, and I got tired of the bugs and cost of their firewall, finally I went to Sygate Personal Firewall (free edition) and then shortly after Sygate was bought out by Symantec, after I heard it was being acquired by Symantec I uninstalled Sygate and went to Kerio, but then shortly after Kerio was being discontinued (:AGY). I kept Kerio and shortly before Sunbelt Software bought the Kerio Personal Firewall I found Comodo Personal Firewall 1.0, and saw that it was free for 365 days. So I took the license and e-mailed support asking them if it would continue to be free or not, they had no definite answer. Then after a few updates Comodo announced that Comodo Personal Firewall would be free for life, so finaly I was at peace of mind knowing I had a good firewall and wasn’t having to pay a ton of money for it (:CLP).

Justin, that…was…beautiful! :cry:

Actually it sounds almost identical to the way I ended up with CPF as well. Quit disco firewalls and got my boogie down with CPF. :smiley:


Aww thanks Paul ;D

As for switching firewalls again and again, it got really old, really fast… Lol, but luckily I don’t have to worry about it anymore :wink:

:‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’(

With CPF, there’s no worries… (R)