Cant get trustix

there is surely a problem when trying to get trustix. (:SAD)
If it is free and open, where can i get it?


 Trustix is free.
       You can get the Trustix Enterprise Firewall at with free license  which is based on your Server Mac Address.


Hi Manik.

Why then I can’t connect not to, nor to
Why then the only three pages I can see are ugly , and ???
and finally why then I get timeout error when trying to download link?

Surprising that Comodo isn’t making this info easily available.

Thanks to Google, I was able to find a cached page of the old Trustix News webpage, and there it was. The announcement that TSL was being discontinued… Here’s a copy take directly from the cached Trustix page

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Welcome to Trustix Secure Linux!

Comodo regrets to announce that it will discontinue all distribution, updates and direct support for Trustix Secure Linux effective December 31, 2007. The user support forum at will continue to remain online throughout 2008.

Comodo will continue to support the Trustix Enterprise Firewall as a going forward product at through at least the end of 2008, and will introduce version 4.8 before the end of 2007.




It’s alive again, however, TSL discontinued.