Can't get rid of avast! Antivirus [RESOLVED]

On my dad’s PC (Windows XP SP3) I uninstalled CFP 2.4 and avast! Antivirus Home Edition. Then I installed CIS.

Due to a problem (Windows Installer not functioning), I thereafter tried the Windows System Restore feature. Back to CFP 2.4 and avast! Antivirus. Well, guess what, the System Restore completely messed up avast! Antivirus. The on-access scanner stopped working. Some RPC problem it said. So I thought, let’s uninstall. However, I couldn’t launch the uninstaller, neither from CCleaner or Windows own Add/Remove Programs. Also, I couldn’t shut down avast! in any way.

Finally I decided to kill avast! by terminating its processes. That didn’t work, despite that I turned off the program’s self-protection. Thus I tried to disable the Windows services installed by avast!.. didn’t work either. No permission.

I wonder if Defense+ could kill it. Well, it doesn’t matter much, because the problem (Windows Installer) that I had in the first place would remain. Had the same problem a couple of months ago, and I suspect that CCleaner removed something. It’s unlikely because CCleaner is always said to be safe, but I can’t really think of any other option.

Anyway, I guess this is just as much information (from using the Windows System Restore function while having avast! installed), as it is a call for help. Although I suspect the PC’s health is beyond rescue. On Tuesday I will do what I’ve done to my own PC a hundred times: REFORMAT!


Maybe you did too much nLiting or something. (:TNG) I better you are very eXPerienced with reformatting by now. I’m about to take the plunge for the first time myself (& thinking about trying vLite too)

No, my dad’s Windows XP was not nLited or tweaked in any way. :-\

Go ahead and join the nLite sect, Jeremy. :wink:

At least I know I’ll be able to recover the system (recovery CDs) and make a smooth setup in a few hours. Anything for my family members. :slight_smile: By the way I successfully removed two worms at the system today, I’m very happy because I haven’t been dealing with malware for over a year now. I’ve been clean since June 2007. :a0


Is CIS (still?) installed? Or pieces? If so, try to remove it first. If you are using the latest avast!, and can get to it, check under program settings/troubleshooting and check “disable avast! self defense”, then try to kill it. Or try a reinstall of avast!, then removal, if you can. Or Revo uninstaller, like the broken Comodo users try. Or microsoft system configuration (msconfig from run) and stop it from loading at boot, then reboot and remove it as above with reinstall or revo. Or plan g depending on the results.

Try uninstalling it with Revo Uninstaller (freeware and tremendously powerful to uninstall applications). It is what I use for a very long time and only have great things to say about it.

edit: sded beat me to it!! (:WAV) :■■■■

Thank you both for your suggestions.

No, it should be gone.

Already did that, but it was still protected somehow.

Reinstall: I’ll try to launch the avast! installer and see what happens.
Revo: Will try this also.
Startup: Completely forgot about this, but I don’t think it’ll affect the services.

My own idea (popped up right now): Boot in Safe Mode.

I’ll try these things to see if they solve the problem, but mostly out of curiosity. Still expect the Windows Installer problem to become a beast I can’t beat, because I’ve tried before and it’s hopeless (but that’s another topic). Furthermore the system has become bloated by other things which are more or less hidden deep down.


Even if you can’t stop the services, you should be able to set them to manual. But a reboot without avast! included shouldn’t start them either.

I’ll try Manual. Disabling wasn’t possible, but actually, stopping them was possible… ???

Have you tried this.

Thanks Vettetech.

No, not yet (I was short on time when attempting to remove avast! Antivirus earlier today and now I’ve left the place). Seems highly interesting. :-TU

On Tuesday I’ll go back and try all solutions that we have discussed here, either until something works or until I’ve unsuccessfully tried them all. I’ll learn things for sure and maybe some of you will also learn something (I will post the results).

LOL…Avast is the first place I would have looked to when it did not uninstall. Every software company has some sort of uninstall utility.

I am always surprised how easy people think about (un-) installing security programs. Security programs ( especially firewalls ) go deep into the OS, so I recommend a fresh Windows install/image if you want to try something new :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Except Comodo, then. (:WIN)

Agree to some extent but not 100%. :wink: Yes, they go deep, but I think one should be able to get rid of a well established security program like avast! (I’m not saying it’s not possible since I haven’t tried Vette’s suggestion yet). Anyhow, I will certainly make a fresh installation of Windows to get rid of problems, avast!, .NET, and more…


Why does everyone do this. Reformatting is not necessary unless your OS is corrupt. I have had the same install of XP for over 5 years. In that 5 years I have installed and uninstalled probably 1000 different programs.

For XP it isn’t as necessary, but I think you may have never tried Vista. Even without adding programs or big files to my HD, the amount of used space keeps rising. Vista is pretty bloated…(lookin forward to using vLite and formatting and reinstalling. Just have to wait to find an external HD, & find time.)

Vista continues to bloat because of the SxS folder, because it stores backup .dlls there. Unfortunetly you cannot vLite it if you want to use Windows Update (whitch is ■■■■■■ IMHO)
BTW - external drives are slower and more expensive, so consider buying another internal one. :slight_smile:

Vista is junk and all the problems that go with it keep from upgrading to it. I had Dell load XP when I bought my laptop cause I did not want Vista. Why do you think Windows 7 is being pushed. Cause Microsoft knows that Vista is another ME.


I wasn’t sure how to put an internal HD in a laptop.

& to stay on topic: I’m sort of having the same problem with Avast!.

Have you tried the avast removal tool yet?