Can't get full episode (legal) audio on network shows after CFire & CMall instal

Hi everyone,

I am a complete newbie to Comodo as of today. I did not even know they existed.

I have used ZA as a firewall since it came out. I have heard many rumors by techs that it has been in defeat for a long time. I was afraid to de-install.

I installed Comodo Firewall and wow I am lost. I went to the most basic reading all day and this is by feel only (musician) the best firewall I have encountered.

I have to do things one at a time. I have had Norton since day 0 as well, also wanted to replace it but was scared to. I actually found and downloaded the Norton un-installer for the very near future.

I have had everyone tell me don’t use this and that, two firewall theory, anti virus conflicts, etc.

By feel only, I know that Comodo is going to raise the lazy standard that has been set by the majors, after all, if there isn’t any of the hacker’s goods attacking there is no business.

The first thing Comodo told me to do is uninstall ZA. I have a system that I set up and haven’t had a total failure with loss of data or settings or programming and can be up and running within minutes of a serious attack. I was reluctant to do this but I was ready so I did it using ZA’s uninstaller.

When I rebooted, the speed I had regained was incredible. This, by just uninstalling one up to date firewall. I shut off Windows firewall which by Matousec rated a 0 in catching anything. So I turned that off, unreliable at best because sometimes it was on, sometimes off.

So: sorry to bore you but:

SorryThis is solved a little further down, I did not know about V3 coming out and the infrequency of the updating scheme.**
<I did not have a problem with CF updating, only CM which I posted in the proper forum. CF will not update now and has hung on abort. I had to use task manager to end it.>

But, I guess it’s going to be one question at a time:

What is keeping full episode legal tv shows from allowing audio to pass which did before. I have read all that I could today about hierarchy in the program but I just don’t know where to begin, could anybody tell me how to get the audio back say though any network which was there before and now gone. Is it CF or CM or me.

There seems to be remanants of ZA floating about on CF, obviously not uninstalled, particularly true vectors. If I delete the folder will these go away or is true vector the general name of a service that all programs use?

Well, sorry to be a pain but it’s 12:00 am and I am cross eyed and haven’t made a bit of progress.

Thank you, and that’s the last of not getting to the point, I thought I might garner some sympathy from someone.

Thank you. Just two truly great prodcuts which make me feel I will soon be free of the resource hogs and running utilities all day long instead of making music.