Can't get firewall to install and can't scan my computer.

I installed Comodo Internet Security following a review by Windows Secrets. Install stated I had Trend Micro and I should uninstall. It didn’t show up in my Control Panel, and didn’t show up in Your Uninstaller 2009. I tried to manually uninstall via RegEdit, but it still shows up in Comodo. I installed anyway, but I can’t get a scan to start. I get an error dialog box stating Error Code 0X80004002 No such interface supported. I get this error message no matter which profile I use, including the default ones.

I also get a message in the firewall section informing me The Network firewall is not functioning properly! Please run the diagnostic utility to fix the problem. OK, I run the Diagnostic Utility, and it states my Firewall has a problem, and offers to fix it for me. I click on OK, it runs, then tells me that it can’t fix some of the problems, and would I like a diagnostic report? I say yes, but the report is just a bunch of codes, I have no idea what it means or where the error occurred.

This is by far the most complex, difficult program I ran across. I don’t have a clue of what it is doing, what is wrong, or how to fix it, other than uninstall it and go back to AVG 8.5.

Uncle Dannie

Hi Uncle Dannie,

What you need to do is uninstall CIS. You then need to remove any reminents including the Trend Micro ones if on your system. A lot of these programs leave leftover folders with user settings etc…

After uninstalling CIS

Remove Any folders named Comodo & any folders relating to Trend Micro in the following directories:

C:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Application Data/

C:/Documents And Settings/username/Application Data

C:/Program Files

Once these are removed do a cleanup of temporary files and a registry scan to remove any remaining registry entries.

I personally use CCleaner alot from though Comodo System Cleaner is better.

Reboot your machine and then try and install CIS again.

Hope this helps…


Thanks, I’ll give it a try and report back.

Uncle Dannie

Hmm… These symthoms seem like a malware infection, probably a rootkit. I think you should use malwarebytes or super anti spyware and check if anything is found.