Can't get CleanMem unblocked

Long time Comodo user and I just updated from a very old version. My issue has probably been discussed but I couldn’t readily find anything posted, so if you could just point me in the right direction. I installed the firewall only version, along with Security Essentials that I am not familiar with and it may be the problem. Cleanmem.exe keeps getting blocked by HIPS. Unblocking it and giving it the Windows System Application ruleset in HIPS and Trusted under File List doesn’t help. What am I missing?

It runs under Task Scheduler. Win7 x86

This will help:
Blocked applications showing CIS blocking programs by HIPS and cannot unblock

The key thing here is hit Remove rather than Unblock. If you use Unblock it will, understandably, make a default rule for the item. If you’ve used training mode or created your own rule, unblock will replace the rule and it will get blocked again because it does not have the proper rule. At least that seems to be what was happening.

Just a suggestion but try mem reduct. CleanMem has not been updated since 2013. In my case I don’t need to free up RAM but use it to purge the RAM for security purposes. Good Luck.

Suggestions are always welcome. Thanks.

Not sure what a simple tool would need to update. It seems like every day one of the sites I regularly visit has something newly broken. [see below]