Can't FTP Large Files

I’m having lots of problems with Comodo Backup, no matter what I try FTP Backups don’t seem to work.

I am trying to backup a few large files (3GB in total) and send them to another sever. At first, I tried simple file copy but this was very slow and failed without warning soon after.

Then, I tried CBU as recommended on here (which seems like a better way to do it anyway). However, as soon as the FTP upload gets to 2GB, the application gives an error (53) and then stops. This always seems to happen at 2GB exactly. The source server is Win 2003 and the destination is Win 2008 FTP, both have plenty of free space.

I am using the latest version of Comodo and have tried every combination of tweaks I can think of to fix this. I’d really like to get this working, as the software sounds like it should be great if I can get it going. I’ve spend all day on this and got nowhere :frowning:

I even tried to use the split files option and I set this to 1.5GB, so it was under the 2GB problem level. However, I get an error saying "“not enough space to continue” when there is plenty left.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

I have this same issue. Any fix for this yet?