can't find my PC from LAN

I can find my network places when trying to access them FROM my PC with CF
but I can’t find my PC (using CF) from other PCs while it’s running (if I disable CF, I can)

considering my config (attached), I can only guess there’s some application rule that’s blocking that… any hints?

PS1: the network control rule “Destination address” is also Zone → Roteador
PS2: it would be nice if CF logs show which rule blocked a connection

[attachment deleted by admin]

instead of adding it to Global Rule, I added to “System” application rule, before the “block all in” rule and it worked :slight_smile:

is it correct to do so?

Yes the firewall first checks global rules and those are “application less” so it does not care if there is an application that can handle this traffic / is there something listening on that port.

When it comes to the application level it tries to find an application that is active on this port and see if you have already a rule for it, if not prompt, and in this case block (block all in).