Can't fax/email a coversheet

I want to fax and email just the coversheet. I can fax it, but when I put in an email address, it wants me to attach an attachment. Can I just Fax & Email a single coversheet?

You can fax a coversheet only. But trustfax email is designed to allow you to send a document as a link in an email. Emailing through trustfax requires that you have a document attached or you will receive an error message.
Using the trustfax email to send documents as a link rather than an attachment offers you a secure manner to send files and you also receive a return receipt confirmation email when the receiptient opens the link. Trustfax email links do not use fax pages but will use storage space in your account.
To use the trustfax email link, login into your account and click on send. Enter an email address in the email to field and complete the send form as you would normally with a fax.
You can also tracking the email link to see when it is opened and you can invalidate the link if you don’t want the receiptient to have access to the document any more.
Files send using the trustfax email links are stored in the filing cabinet in a folder called email link files.
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