Can't export certificate with Private Key

I’m using the followibg procedure and the Chrome browser to export my certificate.

When I get to step 6, the option to export the Private Key is disabled. What can I do about this? Thanks!

Should I send this in as a Tech Support request?


That would probably be the best option since no replies.


Thanks. It might have to do with not collecting the certificate with the same browser I requested it from…

That would absolutely play a factor. You MUST collect the certificate with the browser you requested it from.

(If you start with IE, end with IE; Start with Firefox, End with Firefox – All other browsers are not recommended)

Sorry for the delayed response. I meant to respond earlier.

By submitting a ticket, they sent me an email with the directions on how to gather it again. Thanks!

That attempt had the same result - no option to save the Private Key.

Neither IE or Firefox would give you an option to directly save the private key a la a regular download. You would export the certificate with it’s private key in a PFX/p12 file (PFX for IE, P12 for Firefox) through the browsers (or in some cases, the OS.)

If you collected the certificate on IE, it is possible that you didn’t mark the certificate as exportable. (Microsoft only feature) Support should be able to look that information up if you call/email/chat them. I’d give them a ring during normal business hours relative to UK and Eastern US Timezones.

Thank you!!!