Can't download Killswitch after hackers deleted it

I used Autoruns to disable a Remote Desktop file. Hackers then deleted Geekbuddy and Killswitch. Been dealing with these intruders for 3 years and Comodo can’t stop it yet

Reinstalled Geekbuddy, but can never get a response:

Please help stop these intruders from interfering. There are serious flaws in hacker detection.

Your computer may or may not be infected, have you run a scan with Comodo cleaning essentials? Also try making a post here: for more support Comodo Forum

hi I downloaded this and all it did was throw up a cmd type screen and said it had made a document that I cant find , there is headed upa document called document 3 registry editor 500 is this it and if not what the hell is that ??? I should add we were attaked by a hacker and although comodo stopped most of the stuff a few things clearly got in that I am currently trying to fix I lost all my cisco stuff whatever that is!! I would really appreciate some help pleae …All scans came up clean so I ran a thing called rogue killer which found svc.exe files that appear to be windows!! is there any way I can set comodo securty suite up to protect us more I have set it up as the recomended settings from this forum I suspect something is still attacking my registry too Even my comps name disappeared etc and yesterday I tried to rollback with the restore and it stalled and I had to stop it which you ARE NOT supposed to do but I had to I actually think comodo stood up well to this attack it was all weekend from friday to monday morning with hijack software first then viruses ,ddosing then malware then rootkits which is what I suspect has got in and I fgound a written doc that was also a registry attack ,when I ran the ccleaner my registry is getting clogged with ■■■■ …HELP