Can't download Comodo Time Machine (CTM)

I think the link is dead on this page to download CTM, Data Recovery with Comodo Time Machine 2022 I’ve tried on multiple systems using different browsers and operating systems. Whenever I click on “Free Download,” it just goes to the Comodo home page and nothing is downloaded.

Can someone fix this? I’ve been trying for a few days. Or is there another location to download CTM?


CTM 2.9 Beta:

CTM 2.8 Stable:

A CTM 3.0 Beta should be comming soon (within 4-5 weeks)

Alright so the 2.8 link won’t install at all. It says something like can’t verify the OS. The 2.9 one will install but when I reboot it goes into the CTM screen and gives a taskbar that take 1-2 hours to complete. After it completes, Windows will no longer boot. Any ideas? I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and this happened twice, both of which were fresh installs of Windows.

The link on the main CTM page still doesn’t work. I never had a problem at all when it was working, what happened?

Yup same here Data Recovery with Comodo Time Machine 2022 that link just leads back to the main Comodo Page. I cant say why. I should make it clear I am a volunteer moderator, I don’t work for Comodo.

You could wait for CTM 3.0, it should be out soon as a Beta, and its a brand new engine written from scratch that should have less bugs then the older engines.

Yeah I know, and I do appreciate your help. I didn’t expect much help from Comodo considering that it is a free product but I would think that they would have discovered these dead links on their website by now.

As for the software, I found an old link to version 2.5 which is what I had working a while ago. I installed it yesterday and so far its working but I haven’t fully tested it yet.

Back when I had this running a year or two ago, it seemed to be pretty solid. I never ran into any bugs except one… I used this on my Moms computer and set it to restore at each re-boot. A couple times it was shut down improperly (I think) and then displayed the option to go into startup repair after re-booting (must not lock the MBR). Of course she selected the option to let it repair which always seems to just kill Windows startup entirely.

Comodo Time Machine is located on

I found three links in the forums. (beta)

I tested all these links and they download.