Can't do a scan in Safe Mode

Hi, is it just me, or it is really impossible to run a scan in Safe Mode??


A right click scan will work, so just right click on the hard drive you want to scan.

Might as well use CCE if you are in safe mode as the program uses the exact same definition base as CAV.

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and the fact that cce has more powerful removal capabilities

thanks for the reply guys… :-TU

To run scan in safemode please navigate to C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security and run cavscan.exe

i can’t scan in safe mode with either cce or cavscan.exe

What version of CIS and CCE are you using?

CIS v. 6.1.276867.2813 and CCE v. 6, 1, 275152, 2801.

I just ran CCE 2801 in Safe Mode and that worked. However it did need to download the AV. Did you have networking enabled in Safe Mode?

I am on Windows 8 x86.

yes, i started sm with networking. i’m on xp pro sp3.

Anybody else also having this problem in Windows XP Safe Mode? We may be looking at a bug.

i’m still having the problem. not able to scan in normal mode either!! :(((

Please run Diagnostics and see if it can fix it for you.

ok. i ran diagnostics. in normal mode it said that everything’s wright and it found no error. but, in safe mode, diagnostics doesn’t run and it tells me to create a report.

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hey, can anyone help me??? please !!!

Running Diagnostics in safe mode will always give errors.

Please try reinstalling CIS and follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable and clean starting point.

Let us know if that fixed it or not. Please make sure to install the latest version of CIS.

thanks for your reply and the link. i reinstalled CIS according to the link and it went smooth. maybe i misunderstood the scan in safe mode with CCE: the problem i had still persists. when i go in safe mode with net and start CCE, it loads and after i press full scan, it updates and then asks to restart. i restart the pc again in safe mode with net but CCE doesn’t continue. if it only has to update in safe mode and then continue in normal mode, it doesn’t mean that CCE can scan in safe mode. but, if it updates in safe mode and after reboot it should continue scanning in safe mode, that doesn’t happen to me. this is why i say it doesnt work in safe mode with net. does CCE have to continue scanning after reboot in safe mode or not? thank you.

hey, i still can’t scan in safe mode !!! does one need more details or what??? help me !

I’m not from Comodo’s staff or moderator but I think I understood that CCE was meant to replace the “scan in safe mode” option and has to be used in normal mode. There is no way to scan with CAV in safe mode in fact!!! :slight_smile: