Can't display web pages [RESOLVED]

  • The version of Comodo Firewall Pro Installed
  • Your Internet connection type (dial-up/cable/Direct connection/LAN etc)
  • Operating system and Service Pack Level
    Windows XP Pro
  • How you are logging in to the OS (Admin, User)
  • Other real-time security applications installed (AV, AS, HIPS etc)
    Avast-anti-virus, Lavasoft Ad-aware
  • Security related applications which have been removed/disabled before installing CFP
    Was using windows firewall and disabled it before install of Comodo
  • Security related application which have been removed/disabled after installing CFP
  • Detail the problem, such as which applications are running when you have the problem
    Problem is when I’m visiting a web page and select another site from favorites or click on a link or even try to put in an email address from my contacts when composing an email I almost always get the error "Internet Explorer (7) can’t display the web page. Sometimes hitting the refresh button will get me there but usually I end up hitting the back button and trying until I get through. This all started after install of Comodo.
  • Please inform us if you have created any custom rules
    I’m not knowledgeable enough to create custom rules.
    This is very time consuming, any help appreciated

Does your XP Pro have SP2? Do you have IE set up as a “Web Browser” under Network Security Policy? Do you get any messages in the firewall log? You can also try turning off the real time component of AdAware temporarily if you are using it.

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Thank You sded,
IE was not set up as a “web browser” under network security policy. Since I’ve changed it I have not had any problems. Thanks again.

Glad it is working for you. I’ll mark this thread “resolved” then.