Can't create Networks

Hi there,
I am new to COMODO Unite and already have a huge problem.

I installed the software, registered an account, set up my profile, etc pp.
But for some reason i seem to be unable to create ANY kind of network.

When i use the web interface i get no errors at all. after setting up a new network and clicking on create, i am redirected to the network overview page but the list is empty.
i also cant see the created networks in the Unite client.

when i try to create a new network within the client, i get errors like “name already in use” but when i try to join a channel with exact the same name which produced the error, i get a “unknown network” or “wrong network name” or something like that.

i was able to create ONE public network with a totally messed up name like “ASUFGIasfhaas” but i need to create 3 private networks with some kind of “sensefull” name…

Any idea whats wrong?