Can't Copy & Paste With Browser Running In Sandbox

With the latest version of the Comodo Free Firewall, I noticed many times I could not copy and paste while using the latest version of Firefox 3.6.9 and IE7.

Like for example you want to copy some text on your desktop in word or notepad, into an email letter in Gmail it would not paste into the email. Also in the URL address bar of both browsers if I wanted to copy and paste an URL/link off of a website then copy it into the browsers address bar it would not paste that either.

Basically any type of copying and pasting you need to do with the browser is being hindered.

I hope someone can please fix this issue for the next release of the free firewall…


It’s not an issue. It’s the sandboxing level you’re choosing for the firewall.
Reduce the sandboxing level and you’ll get this feature back.

Sorry this is an issue, this is not the way a sandbox is suppose to work.

A sandbox means it’s going to keep all the ACTIVITIES it does inside this virtual/boxed space but a program still MAINTAINS all it’s FUNCTIONALITY 100%.

I am an IT Tech, I know what a sandbox is and this is not the proper behavior of a sandbox.

It’s not suppose to take away the FUNCTIONALITY of a program, that is not sandboxing, that is LOCKING down.

Also I forgot to mention that sometimes you can copy and paste and sometimes you can’t, so that means it’s either not suppose to be blocking or if it is, it doesn’t work properly. Either way, as I explained this is not the normal behavior of a typical sandbox and what a sandbox represents, the way in which it works.

The sandbox should not be locking down application FUNCTIONALITY. :slight_smile:


the purpose of sandbox is to contain malware in a vritual enviorement and not restrict,restriction is the job of SRP:) a sandbox is only a container to isolate the offending program so can not be introduce in actual real system;D

I’ve expressed myself a little bad.
When I’ve said it was not an issue, I want to say that it is a fact.
I think like you, i.e., functionality shouldn’t be compromised to avoid copy&paste.

the sandbox doesnt have to interfere with any regular activities that includes mouse,keyboard or other devices at the contrary it should be whitelisted so we dont encounter with isues or restrictions,that way computing is enjoyoble and safe at same time 8)

Ahh good we are on the same page, yes the functionality shouldn’t be compromised and it is.

So who moved this post from the Bug section I reported it at?

It should be put back as a bug report. :frowning:


agree if it is a discover bug :o

discover bug?

OK if someone would be kind enough to make an issue report using the standard format, and filling in all relevant fields, I’ll forward straight to verified bugs/issues. The format is here. A settings file and a note of whether the source and target are both sandboxed and at what level/whether virtualised will help. Please specify browser affected. For me, dragon is affected.

BTW I have can always copy paste using mouse rt click menu, cannot sometimes paste using ^V.

Is that what you are experiencing?

Best wishes


Thanks this is a known issue and is logged in the bug tracking system at #151. It has been partially fixed I think, problem is now intermittent not constant for me?

I didn’t notice it now, so not sure if there’s been an update that fixed it.