Can't copy / paste the Master password ?


I use a 64-bit master password with random characters.

I have this password (in a .txt file) on a USB-stick (and a Floppy as backup locked away).

Since this password is TO hard to rememb,r but is needed to utilise the FULL 256-bit AES encryption strenght I
would found it easy to just copy and paste the password into the Master password empty box. (from the text file on the USB stick)

But this is not possibel ? Why ?

I tried “right clicking and then paste” and the ctrl-V and C keys. none works ?

Is there a solution for this ?

I really don’t want to use a weak phaspfrase with 10 characters that i have to enter everytime manualy.

Disabling pasting INTO and copying FROM password fields is pretty standard for security. Pain in the proverbial, but it’s in our interests.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So…You (or Comodo) offer 265 bit AES encryption but don’t offer an easy way to enter a 64 bit caracter random password ?

Who can remember random 64 caracters ? (to utilise 256 bit encryption)

Whats the purpose of giving strong alghorithems (AES) if the implented password is weak ?

I used Truecrypt, PGP, Drivecrypt, Steganos, Axcrypt, Maxcrypt, GnuPG, CryptoSuite, etc…

They all offer paste & copy in the empty (master) password field (or use keyfiles) ?!! Nobody can remember a 64-caracter random password !

Solution ?

I thought that it was just me! I have a script that enters the password into the clipboard, pastes it and restores the clipboard’s former contents. How is it more secure to type the password into the key field? Any key logger would pick that up. And why do they not warn us poor ■■■■■ that pasting does not work? I set up the new database password by pasting into the key field. That seemed to work, but I could not tell because the password field is obscured by *'s. I then spent two hours entering info (Because there is no import feature) only to find that I could not open the useless thing. You can imagine how often I want to do that…


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