Can't connect to UK server


I am using the paid for version of Trust Connect on my 32bit Windows XP Laptop. I can run Trust connect from the taskbar,and connect.

By default it always connects to the server in Washington. When I click on the icon & select Advanced Options it informs me that ‘Your location is US, Washington. IP:’. When I click on ‘I want to connect to server in:’ and select UK the box disappears. Bringing the Advanced options box back up tells me I am still connected to Washington. I have tried to disconnect & re-connect - still Washington. I have tried selecting ‘Let me choose each time I connect’ and even though I choose Uk, still Washington.

Any ideas? Please, I have brought this product specifically for the ability to have a reliable VPN connection to the UK.

Location of TrustConnect access server with IP: is a Edinburgh, GB.
For some reason, Geo IP databases uses old value of this server location - Washington. They haven’t updated yet.

So, if you choose this server, you will have a reliable VPN connection to the UK.

I can not conect to trustconnect.I am from Macedonia.When the login appears with this window.Use CIS-comlet and XP service pack3

sorry for bad english

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It looks as a problem with installation of TrustConnect client program on your PC. You may try to re-install TrustConnect client program. TrustConnect client under XP requires your agreement about installation of TAP adapter.

If this does not solve the problem, it’s better to contact support:

now is ok. just re-install trust connect and now work.Appeared in this when I install trustconnect.Anyway now working.Thank you.

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