can't connect to comodo unite


A friend of mine created a network in comodo unite, joining the network I see all other users with “Connecting…” in front of their nicknames instead of their IP’s.

What can I do to solve the problem?


  Please confirm other friends in this network could connect to each other.
  Please list your Windows version, and firewall software installed.

Hi, yes, they can connect to each other, and when I appear online (only after change the status to “Appear Offline” and then “Avaliable”) they can see me and only see “Connecting…” not my IP.

SO - Windows 7 Professional 64 bits
Firewall - Windows firewall (when I turn the firewall off it the same thing happens)


1. Please turn windows firewall on on Win 7.
2. Please make sure 'EzVpnSvc.exe ' process is in your firewall exception list to allow it for TCP/UDP protocols. This program is under folder Unite installed.


Yes. That process is listed in the firewall exception list. Both in the public network and in the home network.