Can't connect a privat server

I have a problem trying to connect to a Archlord private server wich is using Comodo Unite to connect. Sometimes players appear on Direct or Relay… in both ways even if i’m connected direct i’m still not able to connect to it’s server. Someone can help me on this problem please ?
This is also the first time that i use this program and did several things(opening port UDP12000-13000, shutting off my windows firewall,…) to try to connect so far but noting actually helped me forward.

Thnx in advance.

does others got firewall configured as well ?

plus you need to ask them how does situation on their end of connection looks like. does they have similar situation as you, or they connections is fine.

make sure you dont use peer guardian or similar software. if you do, you need to configure it.

Sorry for the late reply,
No idea if others have firewall configured but since everyone else is playing the server that is online, the problem should be at my computer.
As far as i know i don’t use peer guardian and this is also the first time i heard of it, i searched it on the internet and my computer but can’t find it with search bar at start. I’m still not able to log in properly and i get anoyed by the fact that others can play but i can’t cause of something probably stupid :/.

try to move comodo unite connection on top of connections in windows.

Still doesn’t work, there’s no difference if i do that or not :confused: Any other solution ?

nope. not from me at least

okey, thnx for the help… I’ll just remove Comodo and play another game.

for gamers best choice will be evovle vpn.

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