Can't collect certificate

I just installed Comodo email encryption on my Vista 32 bit computer. After setting up all account info on the Comodo site I was sent an emeil containing my collection code. When I click the link in the email it takes me back to a Comodo page with a couple of steps listed on it to complete the certificate retrieval process. However, I am getting another message box in the middle of the screen (see attached screen capture). At this point I’m dead in the water.

Suggestions will be appreciated.

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me too
I get following error messages:


The Certificate could not be installed. Please ensure that…

  • this is the same computer and web browser from which you applied for your Certificate.
  • you have not deleted your Private Key.
  • you have not already installed your Certificate.


ERROR 0x80092004: CertEnroll::CX509Enrollment::p_InstallResponse: Object or property not found. 0x80092004 (-2146885628)


Our system report there already a valid certificate for
If you have lost your certificate and require and new one please contact support.
Error Code: 0251:16.


Hi Myuser and Cecebee

We’ve looking into these issues now and will respond to you soon.

This error you can receive when you’re trying to sign-up for a certificate for the same e-mail address again with CSE Sign Up Wizard.

Regards, Eugene