Can't clone 2TB HD to 1TB HD

No matter how I try I can’t make CB copy a 2TB HD (on which maybe 50GB is used) to a 1TB HD. I can understand if it demands at least the same size for actual cloning, since I think ity might backup deleted stuff as well then, but even if I have 3 HDs (2TB withg Windows = source, 1TB empty partitioned = destinatiion and an USB HD to whichg I just backed up a CBU file of all otf the 2TB HD inclkuding MBR etc), I just come as far as to creating the CBU, I can’t “unpack” this CBU onto the 1TB drive.,

Possibly the fact that there’s an unwanted 100MB system partition on the brand new 1TB HD has an impact. Both this and my 950GB partitioin are primary AND active, ansd I read such patitions are created by win for restore purposes and can’t be deleted once created.

Do I have to repartitioin the 2TB HD temporarily to <1TB for it to work?

Shouldn’t have to be this hard, since I know the CBU already has ignored all empty space anyway so it fits.

Also tried backjup´of partition on 2TB to partitiion on 1TB HD but it says I didn’t select a partition for destinatiion when I select D:… If I click D: a sub folder named “wait” appears forever, if I cklick next now, CB crashes,

For those who want the mentioned functionality, I recommend Easeus, no problems there.

Comodo, I love your firewall, but CB does not fill my needs for cloning.

You can use partition clone (not the entire disk), but make sure that the source partition is smaller or equal in size than the destination.
You can shrink it in computer management.