Cant change stealth mode

I have downloaded comodo internet security today. in my last edition i couldnt change stealth mode and not now either. It says “Your firewall has been configured accordingly” but it changes back to position 1 when Id like position 3.

I think I am under attack somteimes so I want to stop all connections to my computer. Is stealth mode the way to do that or what is it?

The Stealth Ports Wizard always shows the first option checked, regardless of what you’ve chosen before, ie. it doesn’t remember earlier choices. If the Wizard says “Your firewall has been configured accordingly” then it should have made the changes you wanted.

You can double check this by looking at your global security policy.

Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Global Rules.

If you make any changes in the stealth ports wizard, you will see that while the radio button does ‘reset’ to to the first position again, the global policy remains changed.

Thanx. I ve red that post here but I am thankful there is nothing wrong with my firewall.

Please see this post;msg252984#msg252984

(especially the screenshot given by Ganda)

Thanx… then all is well!!! :slight_smile:

Nice to know that.