Can't change dns settings

On xp when I try to change dns servers manually on internet restart it has reverted back to picking them automatic. How can I stop that? Thanks

You must flush you DNS cache before reboot. To do that :

  • either you delete the cache of your brownser(s) ==> delete ALL the history of navigation

  • either you run ip config/flushdns

Thanks for the reply. I tried doing both but still reverted to picking automatically actually I selected installing the servers on suite install. And that didn’t work so I have been trying manually.

I have attached a screenshot to this post that shows some of the areas that you can go/use to change the DNS to Automatically use your Default DNS for your ISP (Internet Service Provider), in Windows 7. :slight_smile:

If that does not work, then it may be set in your Router settings, if you have one and/or maybe you need to be logged in an Administrator Account, if you are not already to change back to your Default DNS.

I have also posted an example on how to change the DNS back to Default for Belkin Routers to this post, if you have one. :slight_smile:

If none of those work, then you can use the Norton DNS or ClearCloud DNS utility to use one of those services and/or use it to revert your DNS back to default.


Good luck,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

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