Can't boot after system hang CTM sub-console missing

hi everyone

My laptop with windows 7 x64 home premium hanged few days back. After hard power boot, i got boot device not found etc.
ran testdisk and it showed all partitions deleted. I recovered it from testdisk, i guess i did restore mbr also ( can’t remember because i have tried so many things in past 10 days)

I posted it on avast forum -Avast Free Antivirus / Premium Security (legacy Pro Antivirus, Internet Security, Premier)
I was told it’s not avast issue

I had CTM 2.8 installed and setup as take a snapshot on every reboot. Save it for 3-4 times i guess. It was setup years ago, so i dont’ remeber if i had it enabled on OS C: drive only or Both on C: and Data D: drive.

long story short, now my system is stuck on loading aswrvrt.sys (avast file).
I no longer have the option to press home button to access comodo sub console.

any options available for me now ?
I can re-install windows (as I don’t have many programs) but I would like to keep all data intact on D: drive and C; drive if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Have you entered in safe mode with networking ?
You said that the “HOME” key doesn’t work. Have you checked whether your keyboard itself is working by press “CAPS” key to see the green light turning ON or OFF. If you won’t get any light from the keyboard then the keyboard is frozen. Google up to see how to reset CMOS. Simply remove and reinsert the CMOS battery then set the date and time correctly in BIOS.

If you see blank screen with no CTM or Windows logo then go to BIOS to check whether the hard drive and DVD drive are detected. If they are detected then download Comodo rescue disk here Rescue Disk for Windows | Comodo Free Rescue Disk Software
If everything fails you will have the option to at least back up all your files from your system.