Cant access passwords after moving "My Documents" - help!

Because of some disk space issues, I have moved My Documents to another drive. But I have now lost all access to my saved passwords in i-Vault.

  1. When I fire up i-Vault, it comes up with several messages boxes saying “hot key already defined in registry” or something like that.
  2. I have created a new storage area and I can manually populate that
  3. When I tried to import my passwords from a prevously created backup, it complains that the path does not exist.
  4. There does not seem to be anything obvious I can tweak in the registry.

Any ideas - I really do not want to have to manually re-create all my pwd entries? (:AGY) Surely you should be able to export and import easily - it is protected by a master password!!!


Panic over - it was actually quite easy.

I copied My Documents to its previous location, created a new “storage” which then became the default and stopped the error messages. Then I opened the original storage name from its new location, backed it up for safety and, finally, removed the temporary copy of My Documents.

Hope that helps anyone else with a similar problem.

Roger :■■■■


Reason: Out-Dated post.