Can't access Network Security Policy

I have CIS v3.9.95478 installed on an XP Pro machine, I am trying to make changes to the Network Security Policy to add a new Rule, and when I click on it (Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy) the program totally locks up. I have to restart the program with SysInfo. I have also tried accessing it from a fresh reboot, no dice. Please help. Thanks.

The latest version is 3.11.108364.552. Why don’t you upgrade and try. Your version, I am afraid, is no more supported by Comodo. (That doesn’t mean it will not perform the way it should).

Any way, I think, this could be because of some other security software installed in your computer. Please mention the other security softwares, especially real time softwares, so that some experts in this forum can guide you to clear that.

Thanks for the response. I had actually un-installed AVG and all the other software I had. The only programs left are Spy-bot and CCleaner. I will upgrade to the latest version of CIS and see if that takes care of it. Thanks again.

i just finished uninstalling the v3.9, rebooted and installed v3.11.108364 with a fresh installation and I still can’t access the Network Security Policy. The program totally locks up and I have to shut it down and restart it, but no matter what, I can’t access just that portion. No other security or anti-virus software installed other than Spybot and CCleaner. Any more suggestions?

Please try uninstalling CIS and then use this clean up tool to make absolutely sure you are starting with a clean slate.

Keep us posted.

Will do. Thanks.

Update. I uninstalled CIS, then ran the CIS Clean-up Tool (twice) with a reboot between each step. No change, still can’t access NSP. I booted in Safe Mode and had full access. I looked over some fairly recent programs and found the offender. A small program called Taskbar Shuffle was somehow preventing access or jacking my access to the NSP. I uninstalled it and good to go.

Thanks for the help with this issue. It was greatly appreciated.

Good detective work. Congratulations.:-TU