Can't access local router after Firewall update

Hi, been using Comodo firewall over the past 10 years or so and have had little issues that I couldn’t solve by myself. However, recently, after an update prompt and rebooted, I can no longer access my home router.

Do note, I used to access it fine before that update. I’ve checked all settings and network rules but nothing seems amiss. I can access the internet fine. I’ve tried using alternate browsers, but none seem to work. I’ve changed the programme settings for the browsers from (web browsers) to (trusted programme) but that fails as well. If I completely uninstall Comodo, access is no issue at all. I’ve tried changing from [custom rules] to [safe mode] to [learning mode] but none of them seems to work. Right now, to access the router, I am forced to use my tablet or mobile device. Note, my home network has a rule set up to allow all incoming and outgoing connections as long as the IP address originates from the subnet and IP range set up for my home network and that is set for all ports as well.

Can anyone point to where the issue is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how you access router before what is the default gateway in comodo logs you see any related warnings?

No, there is no log entry with regards to the browser accessing the local gateway for access. This is what that has me stumped.

Check if Comodo Secure DNS Service is enabled. If so, try disabling Comodo DNS service by selecting 'Obtain DNS server address automatically".

If that doesn’t help please let us know. Probably something changed at your environment that’s need to be investigated.

Thanks for your response. However, I am not using Comodo secure DNS. Both DNS and DHCP are set to automatic. I’ve brought by laptop to a client and tried accessing their router to their network that I maintain and the same issue pops up. They’re not using Comodo and I can access the router on their network from any networked PC. However, if I try using my laptop whether it’s via wireless or ethernet, the web browser throws a message saying that access is denied. This happens whether it is Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge. If I use a Live Linux CD, I can access the router on the same laptop. So I’m certain that the problem is related to Comodo. I’ve tried returning back to pre-update by doing clean install of Comodo firewall, but the problem is the online installer pulls the latest version down.

is that related to remote desktop or connection you see in firewall settings> rules or network zones anything related
any component blocking rdp related

No, it isn’t. Remember, I stated earlier that I have a network rule setup to allow all connections from all ports as long as the originating and destination IP address is within the internal ip address range; that is, to allow any connection from any port as long as originating and destination IP address is within a set zone ( - That rule should triumph over any rule set for RDP or otherwise as I’m not trying to access something outside of my home router…rather it’s the router I’m trying to access.

Do note that this rule is setup under global rules.

Instead of uninstalling why not try setting the firewall to disabled? Does it work then? Check web filter logs as well just in case, also disable advanced firewall settings such as block fragmented IP traffic, do protocol analysis, anti-arp spoofing. I also find it strange you mention an update but Comodo has yet to enable auto-updates to the new version for older versions. What version are you running and how did you update to it? Finally you probably have a typo in the address range and should set the network zone using the subnet mask instead. Make sure it matches the output of ipconfig from the command prompt. Also how are you typing the address for the router in the address bar of the web browser, you using the IP address or host name? If host name then try with the IP address.

I have most of those settings off (see attached image). There is no typo in the address range. This worked fine. Note, the firewall update came from the firewall prompt for programme update. It’s been nagging for updating for some time and I kept postponing until month end when I chose to update.

Turning the firewall to off doesn’t work. I get the same error when I type in the gateway address in the browser (note I type the ip address and not a name). If I disable the firewall, reboot, disable the CIS service under windows services and reboot, I can access the router login once again.

Then it is not the firewall but the web site filtering component considering you can’t access the router page with the firewall set to disabled, also check to make sure noting is listed under blocked network zones.

Website filtering is off.

What if you try the configuration ‘internet security’ ?

Qeer, I never had any trouble accessing my router. Now I also have.

If I use copy and paste the IP adress, it shows http://198.xxxx. But http:// should not be in the line. But no matter what I enter the IP adress the access failed.
Changing the configuration does not help either.

I need to see how I can solve the problem.

Edit: It’s working again. The/My problem was that the wrong IP address mentioned/written: 198.xxxxxx instead of 192.xxxxxx. Very simple in my case, isn’t it?
Of course, everything I did had to fail.

I have also my own ‘Custom Ruleset’ in CIS-firewall with network zones and port groups. I think that won’t be your problems.

Edit 2:

Perhaps you can choose alternative IP addresses?

http:// is shown when I have access to my router.

Hi emmjay,

Thanks for reporting,Kindly check your PM and provide us the details.


Thanks. I’ve replied to your PM.

At the end it would be nice to let us know if and how you could solve the problem.

Hi emmjay,

Thanks for providing the logs.We will forward the current logs to developers for further investigations.


Hi emmjay,

Could you please check this issue with latest CFW.

I will. I’ve sent the information across to Comodo so I’m awaiting their feedback.

Hi emmjay,

Thanks for your patience.
Our developers are working in it,once resolved let me tell you ASAP and also kindly check with latest CFW- V12.1.0.6914.


Hi emmjay,

Kindly check your PM and perform the action mentioned.