Can't access computer with desktop app

I just installed LoginPRO on my workstation and laptop. When I try to access my workstation from my laptop with the desktop app the listing for the computer under the Computers side of the desktop app slides over to the Connections side, a pop-up appears asking for username, password and domain, then the pop-up immediately disappears and the computer listing slides back under the Computers side. I’ve rebooted my laptop and it still does the same thing.

Is there a password set on the Windows of your desktop?

I get the same problem as well. I also cannot access any computers by logging into the browser. Both GeekBuddy and I can’t get LoginPro to work on any of my computers.

Please don’t crosspost. You already bumped your topic. I have replied in that topic.

I wasn’t “crosspost” I was talking about accessing computers from the desktop app.

i dont want to ‘cross post’ either, but it seems no further work has been done on fixing this problem since march 2013? Is this a dead product like unite?

If I recall correctly that problem was with a version older than What version are you using?

huh? so you suggest the fix is to run an OLDER version?? I have latest, just downloaded this week. I’d tell you the version but unfortunately you have no ‘about’ or help button anywhere I can find to see.

Anyway, here is a cross post to try to help others get it working as I have, although I am not sure if it is fully working since I could find no instructions stating what it was exactly supposed to do…

I fiddled and fiddled and blew the house down… no, wrong story…

I fiddled and fiddled and now have it sorta or maybe ‘fully’ working. Shame Comodo geeks don’t know how to do it…

In my process of elimination, I found on both win7 & win8 firewall ‘let a program run’ had 4-5 loginpro programs listed (I think 1 for the exe prog, 1 for opening TCP ports, one for opening UDP ports, and a couple others just cuz they could. anyway, i allowed both priv and public access - didnt seem to fix anything, but then I found there is a third one: DOMAIN that you can only click allow on in windows services. I did that for all 4-5 of these and presto (I think) that is what got me remote desktops between all 5 of my computers (on 2 different intranets across town.

interesting that loginpro automatically MAPS ALL LOCAL AND NETWORK DRIVES AND SHOWS THEM under ‘other’ in my computer list… not bad. sorta would be nice if they hired a nice Indian manual writer to write some of this stuff up tho… sure seems like a lot of us would appreciate it to make it work.

hope this helps, and yes, I will cross post this as there are way too many people struggling to make this work and the geeks havent a clue it seems. enjoy.