cannot update- error 109

I am unable to update CIS from the version 3.8.65951.477 that is running on my system.

About 5-6 days ago it gave an “update found” type balloon, and when i let it do its update, it eventually asked for a reboot, but I declined at the time as I had other programs open. I didnt actually reboot the system until It was turned off and restarted the next morning. Every day since, it announces a program update (not like the virus database updates, altho it sometimes like to get those 5-10 times a day, very annoying, that cant possibly be correct) I let it fetch the update, i see the up/down arrows on the tray icon and then … nothing. After several days of this I finally went and tried a manual update, and left the update window open to see what was happening, and just a little ways in, it stops and then puts up error 109, says my internet connection was lost. Well my internet connection is fine- stays online 24/7 and no other program is having a problem with the connection, my DSL box never shows any interruptions, so theres some reason Comodo is losing the connection.
I have retried 3 or 4 times, it always checks and finds an update, and press next to start the update… but won’t complete. is there someplace where Comodo is possibly blocking its own transmissions?

I ran it again as I typed this to see if there’s any change, and got the same error at 12%, nothing else on my system had any problem with the internet connection. I dont see anything in any of the logs about anything in Comodo being blocked.

My OS is XP, i dont have any other firewalls installed, I think even the windows firewall is disabled. MBAM is installed but its the free on demand version only.

Any help? What other information might be useful?

Incidentally I havent seen the virus database update messages since this started. They were driving me crazy, even tho I have “balloon messages off” it still pops up a balloon every time the computer is started and then multiple times a day to announce multiple times the virus database was updated. You have to click it to make it go away, and occasionally it will do this over 6-8 times IN A ROW. (Same thing hap
pened on our other computer).

** additional:
I just checked our other computer, Comodo was on the same version this computer is at. So I did manual update check, and it found an update- it grabbed the update no problem- and then installed and asked for a reboot- which I did and it has rebooted and all looks fine. The only difference was on THIS computer I didnt do the reboot when it asked- (thats not always convenient!) so how do I clean that up so it will install properly?

Download and do a clean install of the latest CIS.

clean- does that mean to uninstall Comodo completely first?? It is tiresome to rest all the program permissions =/

I just found out all is NOT ok on the other computer, after it downloaded and installed & rebooted, I checked the version number and it was the same as before (477). It found (and checking manually finds again) an update, which tried to install and fails again same error, 109, altho the connection is fine.

It is recommended not to import the v3.8 configuration because of changes to default policies making it store new rules quicker IIRC.