Cannot uninstall Comodo Antivirus

After Uninstalling Comodo Antivirus program on my PC through add/remove programs, I get error messages and at times will not allow me to reboot my computer.

Error messages; 1) Comodo Antivirus uninstallation failed. 2) Comodo online driver Installation cannot read usage count, driver installation failed. 3) Error code 1705.

I tried to undo changes, then says feature is unavailable…Use source c:\Docume~1owner\LOCAL~1\TEMP\is16 .

The Comodo Antivirus will not go away from the Windows XP Add/Remove Programs box. A red Comodo Antivirus Icon with an “x” remains in the bottom right corner of my screen’s tool bar. Message states Scanner is disabled, enable access scanner. When clicking “enable”, a Comodo Error box appears saying in details box (CAV003) and Description box says "on access scanner failed to start.

My Internet service was then interupted, spoke to their tech, they found it corrupt in DOS, said I need to speak to Comodo.

Any help on this?


Try re-installing then un-installing.

Also which version were you trying to uninstall, if it was an older beta version that may be the issue because some of the older betas had uninstall issues.

Hello, and thanks for your reply.

it is version 1.0 and it is screwing up everything I try to do. Ever time I start to type, open IE or another program, the Comodo Antivirus window constantly pops up.

I’ve uninstalled it from windows xp add/remove programs but it wont go away from there either.


Yes this was an older version which had uninstall problems.

Please refer to this topic for steps on uninstalling.


Sorry to seem all frazzled Justin, nothing personal, but, yes, I am frazzled, pull’n my hair out and probably by now ready for some Prozac with a chaser. Jus kiddn on the Prozac but I could use a drink.

Its been four days now and I can’t get rid of any CAV files, its taking me upwards of a half hour just to open two new IE windows.

Yep, I am a newbie, not an idiot, but a computer dummy none the less when it comes to registry and files stuff.

I appreciate you’re trying hard to resolve this for all of us. I’ll keep reading through the posts to find a resolution, but theres gotta be a better way for PC illterates like me.