cannot uninstall - bluescreen or freezes system

db 3.0

If I choose uninstall from start > prgrams it shows uninstalling firewall gui and then freezes my system.

If I try the way in the other post with the two file attachments…same thing.

If I try through add/remove programs it bluescreens with a 0x0000083

Please help me get this off my computer.



Hi powrslave

Welcome to the Comodo forums

Have you tried the manual uninstall yet? It looks as if that is what you are going to have to do. It is located here .


As stated in my op, I did download the two files and try the manual uninstall.

I put the files in my c: and ran the command.
It appears as though it does the same thing as click the uninstall button.

I want this off my computer but it refuses to go.