Cannot submit file(s)

Grue155 suggested I file this bug report. Please read through this as it will explain the situation much better than I’d be able to re-cap it for us.
This is one GREAT firewall. Never a problem. Just can’t get it to scan.
Thank you so much.
note: scan’s not detecting this file . . . just keeps stopping on it. 2 days now. 6-7 scans.

XP Home
Latest Avira AV
Spybot S&D
Windows defender
Comodo free FWall

You do not need all that security running in the back round. Your running 2 HIPS side by side and 2 spyware scanners. Are you running Spybot and Windows Defender in real time mode? Are you using Avira Premium or free? It is bad to run Mamutu and D+ at the same time.

For the purposes of the bug report, what other software is in use isn’t relevent.

Topic reference is

Short summary of the bug: CFP “Submit Suspicious Files” allows only submission of executable files. The CFP “Scan my system” wedged on a non-executable file. In an effort to give Comodo a working example of a file that hangs, I suggested submitting the file to Comodo. MrFishy attempted to do so, and found CFP has no means to submit a file that isn’t an executable (e.g. *.exe, *.sys, *.drv, and a half dozen others)

Since current virus vectors include files like PDFs and SWF Flash files, a CFP “Scan My System” could very well detect such a file, and the user would be unable to submit the file to Comodo thru CFP. Per my take on the matter, this is a bug in CFP.

Edit: Note the file that was scanned was not an executable file, according to CFP recognized file extensions. Meaning “scan My System” does not scan just executables. If a file can be scanned, it needs to be able to be submitted.

Well, the Mamutu was already in here when I went with Comodo firewall and nothing popped up saying don’t use these 2 together?
Spybot’s on demand. Defender loads w/boot. Avira free, just dumped AVG8 free few weeks back for latest Avira AV. It (Avira) keeps finding FP’s and I’m about to switch to Comodo’s beta, unless I hear not to here.
With dial-up, do you think making some software removals will speed up my surfing experience? I haven’t had any app incompatibility issues (:KWL)

Sorry grue I wasn’t stepping on your toes but I was amazed at all the overlapping security and was thinking that maybe something is clashing. Mamutu is a behavior blocker like D+ and we all know that 2 HIPS do not mesh well.

Not a problem, but this being a bug report, I don’t want to have the situation of a bughunter seeing a lot of smoke about applications, and missing the fire of a CFP bug not allowing file submissions. If there is question about applications in use, then it should be in the v3 help topic, and not here.

I also have the same problem: I can’t “submit” files nor “lookup”. I’m using CPF in this configuration:
Kaspersky Antivirus 2009.
The same problem on my laptop with Avast in place of Kaspersky.


Sometimes the server is down. Try submitting them again but you don’t need to submit them if you know what they are.