Cannot Send Large e-mail

Only way to send large e-mail is to disable CAVS. Stopping outgoing scan does not help. Message states SMTP server error or timeout. Incoming e-mail OK irrespective of size. Comodo Firewall does not cause the problem.
Ordinary small e-mails no problem, but over about 100KB problems start.
This happens on Outlook Express and Thunderbird.
Running XP Pro SP2.
Duhhh! Help. Do I need to renew my pay for Internet Suite which was problem free? Yes, this was uninstalled first and not run in tandem with Comodo…

Thank goodness I am not the only one. Just installed Comodo Anti Virus this morning after Avast told me I had to renew my ‘free’ licence - which doesn’t happen often, but annoys me no end. So after a bit of a bad start with Firewall 3 I thought let me try the anti-virus.

Am getting really annoyed by the large email thingy. I need to send large pdf plots of architect’s drawings and constantly having to shutdown-restart the anti-virus is a pain.

Although I had the weird experience where I was told that the email hadn’t sent (timeout issue) but I still got an out of office reply from the intended recipient.

Any developments here would be great

FYI XP SP2 with all the relevant updates, Comodo Firewall and now Comodo Anti-Virus. Oh yes and thrunderbird (POP and SMTP)

I notice triple-t on Page 2 is having a similar problem. The suggested fix re CavEmSrv. exe on CFP2.4 does not work. Neither does altering the server timeout setting to 5 minutes make any difference. The progress bar on large e-mails leaps across and stalls at the end instead of the normal slower steady progress indicating a successful transmission. Inward large e-mail also is affected. Simply cannot receive them.
Only turning off Cavs works. Anybody out there with a clue? ???

…more and more people gets converted to CAVS, yet there seems to be no progress on this direction.
Loosing converted user is a mistake. It will double the effort to get them back, no?

…where is everyone??

There is going to be no further development of CAVS 2. A new CAVS 3 is nearing completion and is likely to be released as a beta/RC very soon - this version should hopefully be very close to being a completed version.

Many of the problems reported by some users for CAVS 2 will be solved with CAVS 3 as it is a complete redevelopment and will be a big leap forward from CAVS 2. The new version is also intended to work very well alongside CFP3.

Personally, I never had problems with large emails with CAVS2 but I did have some other annoying bugs. The only reason I stopped using it was because I had to switch to Vista after my XP pc died of old age. I am really looking forward to CAVS 3 and am hoping it will not be too long before it works on Vista also.


Oh, yeah… that words…
I’ll just cross my finger a little bit tighter this time.
Let’s just hope, we didn’t skip another year for it…

OK I will pin my hopes on the soon to released Version 3. The firewall is great (Version 2.4 awaiting bug iron out before upgrading) Very impressed so far.

One unrelated issue - cannot understand a conversion to Vista. My XP rocks because

  1. I stopped all Microsoft updates which torpedoed my older computers Win 98 (since restored to original 1999 state and it works perfectly again).
  2. It will always be the same as I have partitioned, image every day to a separate drive and also image to a portable hard drive.

I should never have to fix it as it should never break.

I guess with Version 3 of CAVS I should be bulletproof. no? :slight_smile:

so um when can we expect Version 3? It is a bit of a pain to have to kill CAV and then restart just cause I want to send a ‘big’ email

have been converted to Comodo from a combination of Kerio and Avast. am hoping that I don’t have to revert to Avast, firewall v3 is certainly staying on my machine

Soon, sceyefeye, soon. I know this has been repeated over and over again but it really should be worth the wait. This coming week (I believe) we will get to see a sneak peak of it as the scanner portion of the antivirus will be integrated with Version 3 of the firewall. It’s all very exciting.


Oh well I will have to be patient won’t I - dammit! (:TNG)

An interesting thing that I found out, is that while I am getting a server timeout message when sending large mails, the mails are evidently going though - I found this out when the recipients queried why I was sending multiple copies of the same mail.

So it is really only from the perspective that I am not getting a saved copy of the mail in my sent folders that this is a problem.

Am looking forward to CAV 3 though, assuming it is going to be like the jump from CPF 2 - 3 that is