Cannot see safe applications list (

Can’t see safe applications list built in XP professional.

Me neither. I’m running CFP3 on WinVista Home Premium.

Lots of the same warnings keep popping up, so I’m wondering if any safe list has been stored at all. I ran the profiling wizard when installing, plus two times during runtime with the same result.

Depending on how you’ve done the profiler, you’ll get different results. There are 3 options during install:

The first is based on your computer being clean; CFPv3b will scan and add everything to your safelist.

The second is to scan for all executables matching with CFPv3b’s built-in encrypted safelist.

The third is not to scan at that time.

After install, you have some other options in Miscellaneous/Manage My Profiles.

The third one is basically the same as the 2nd one during install.

You also have options to Export, Import, Select certain files for a custom list, Edit a custom list, and to submit files for analysis.

I’m not sure if the “custom” safelist (which apparently you can edit) is the same as the “It’s all safe” option, or the “Match Comodo’s list” option. So if you’ve done either of those, I don’t know if you can edit those lists or not. You can only try…


Edit: Apparently it’s different. You can only Edit the Custom list where you’ve specified certain files and folders. The other options appear to be encrypted where they cannot be messed with by malware.

That explains it all. I built my safelist with the second installation option, no files or folders were specified. Thanks.