Cannot run a file in sandbox manually


I tried today to run a file in the sandbox by using the Run a Program in the Sandbox option in Defense+. However, even though I’m in an administrator account, I got the following pop up message:

“Error code 0x000002e4. The requested operation requires elevation.”

As a workaround, I had to close CIS gui (even from taskbar), and re-run it by right clicking the CIS icon and selecting “Run as Administrator”. Any clues why is this the case? CIS does not seem limited in any other form when it runs as usual.



The "“Error code 0x000002e4. The requested operation requires elevation.” you got in the first place was most likely because of the limitations of running the program in the sandbox.

I think with exiting the client program it flushed the rule to run the application sandboxed once.

In short the limitations set by the sandbox made it impossible to run the program.

Thanks Eric, I understand now what happened. :-TU

If you like you can try changing the limitations the sandbox can set and see what that brings you.