Cannot restore Whole Disk file??!?!?!?!?!

I have a Disk backup named Disk_0_full_disk.cbu containing the full OS (Win 7) and potentially the SRD and Recovery partitions (I don’t know if CB can/does save this info). I need to restore it to another (larger drive) so I am using another machine with both the backup and the new drive attached. However the Restore screen (#3) won’t let me restore it to default (and I’ve switched the cables so the new/destination/restore drive is 0) or to a Drive letter if I create one on the new/destination/restore drive. I cannot mount it either in “Screen #2”- the drive selector is disabled. How do I do a whole-disk restore with this???


Please post a screenshot of the restore step 3 where you say CB won’t let you restore to default.


I have posted both Step 2 and Step 3. Can’t seem to do anything with the whole-disk backup; anything to do/try? I tried calling Comodo, but apparently the forum is the only support?!?!?!

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This seems like an user-interface issue.
Please use the following command line to avoid the problem:


Emanuel, thank you and yes that seemed to work mostly, but now getting a prompt “insert script encryption password”. I assume this means that the original backup is encrypted? If so, I’ll need to consult with the owner…

The owner of the backup is saying they never provided an encryption key/password. Could this prompt be something else?


Please check again the script syntax and remove any spaces from the beginning of the script file.
If the syntax is wrong, then the script file is assumed to be encrypted.
If you still can’t bypass the issue please post the script file.


You sir are the savior! I looked up the command line switches in the documentation and sure enough the syntax you were kind enough to provide me I interpreted wrong (I didn’t interpret it as disk%diskno% but just %diskno%).

I looked through the help and no where was either of these potential issues addressed for a whole disk/image backup. How do we request / report these problems to them for fix/documentation?

You can report the issues here, but I’m not sure what you want to report.

The 2 issues that created this ticket! Namely:

  • Whole Disk backups may require command line utilization if the error (which I don’t have handy writing this but is pictured above) in Step 3 occurs
  • When using the command line to restore a backup, any errors in switch syntax may not cause an error, but instead cause Comodo to prompt for a encryption password

Certainly neither of these items are normally expected or otherwise documented behavior?