Cannot Restart system anymore after installation

Windows 7 Pro x64 Fully Patched until January 2020
(Including KB4474419) Administrator Account - UAC Disabled.

After removing CIS V12.0.0.6882 through the Uninstaller Tool, restarting 2 times and installing from the Offline Installer, once it is changed to ‘Proactive Security’ profile I cannot restart the machine anymore. It hangs while trying to restart and forces me to do a hard reset.

Diagnostics says no issues are found. Attached it to this post.

Any help is appreciated.

I just found out the issue is happening with HIPS enabled only.
Once I disabled HIPS, turned off the machine and then on again, I am able to restart normally.

If I enable HIPS again then the problem resurfaces.
I would like to if possible leave HIPS enabled at Safe Mode (Auto-block requests).

PS: This CIS installation seems to be working/protecting correctly since I’ve tested with Comodo Leaktest and got a 340/340 score (HIPS enabled, Containment disabled) and also EICAR file got detected. Just this minor issue of being unable to restart with HIPS enabled…

Thanks in advance.

You need to check the HIPS event log to see what is getting blocked, also check your HIPS rules to make sure the default rules are still in place.

Upon further investigation I found out the problem was related to this issue for which the proposed workaround of adding the System32 folder to Shellcode Injection detection exceptions solved the problem completely, I got everything working the way I wanted now.

Thank you very much Futuretech.