cannot reinstall after removing comodo

after windows update service pack 3, Comodo reported missing update module. as a result of reading this forum i uninstalled comodo and used Glary Utilities AND Revo uninstaller to search/remove any left-over components. now i am trying to reinstall Comodo firewall and but the instalation package informs me Comodo is already installed. what am i missing?

XP2 service pack 3, X32, AVG free

Welcome to the forum jenkem :slight_smile:
Please read This topic it might help.

thanks for the help Dennis. ill give it a go.

so far what ive done is run a system restore to before i uninstalled initially, however its telling me [Comodo] it cannot locate the updater module. what ive done is update by opening the instalation directory and clicking on the update module, which seems to work. id still like to reinstall from scratch. everything was fine untill i updated to XP service pack 3. personally i blame Bill Gates. Comodo firewall is a great product.

curiously, since running the system restore the Comodo “skin” has changed color somewhat. now the colors apear washed-out. it still works well though, lol

The only suggestion for uninstalling I can think of is Safe Mode (F8) I always uninstall CIS/CPF3 in this mode and apart from the security centre problem had no others.
The only programs that cannot uninstall in safe mode are those which use windows installer.