cannot receive email after installing comodo antispam

I installed comodo antispam. it did not send message to senders to require them to insert a password.

when i ramped up my computer this morning, i cannot receive any emails. i uninstalled comodo and still cannot receive emails: says pop3 incoming server error, but the web host says the server is fine and my email accts in outlook are all set up properly. Please advise ASAP


marion williams

Sorry for the delay.

Could to please post the information requested here, and I will endeavour to help you.

Best wishes


Is there an update to this?

I too install your Anti Spam on one machine and no emails on those accounts and senders do not receive your passcode email. System Windows 7 64bit with Outlook 2010 64 bit

Also tried on a Windows 7 32bit with Outlook 2010 32bit but still does not work

I find this really strange


I should clarify some things

On the Windows 7 64 bit running Outlook 64bit - email came in okay but Comodo did not work
On the Windows 32 bit running Outlook 32bit no email came in and when I uninstalled Comodo about 23 came in although some were duplicates from a previous session

have now removed both trials because:

A. Does not do what it says on the tin
B. This thread appears to be unanswered

Sorry again for the delay - have been helping with the CIS 5.0 launch, and I’m only a volunteer so have limited time.

But I really cannot do much more until someone give me all the information I referred to in the quoted post. If any of you can give me this information, I will do my very best to help you.

You also may find answers in the FAQ, which is extensive.

Best wishes and my apologies again