Cannot over-emphasize the need for an uninstall tool

Occasionally a botched Comodo installation will not uninstall properly, leaving the network broken. These instances have cost me hours of time and unspeakable frustration. I’m almost to the point of no longer recommending Comodo to my clients. At least the competitors provide means to pry out their products when things go awry.

I have also had this problem, but only 2 times and i have been using it for maybe 3-5 year?
(Note: i often uninsall/reinsall CIS and CCAV, to try RC and Beta builds)

when i was uninstalling CIS/CF the network was broken to,
i had to install CIS again and then it worked fine, so i tried to uninstall it again and then the network worked correctly.

2nd time i had this problem i tried to go to Device Manager and uninstalled the network adapter and rebooted, once the computer booted up again windows started installing the network adapter and after that everything was fine again.

Sometimes that works, but I work on so many machines I run into this problem on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes Comodo will not reinstall. Occasionally, I must reinstall Windows. A removal tool would same much time and solve many problems. I fail to understand why Comodo is unable or unwilling to provide one.

Hi Javajunkie,
Do you occasionally or regularly have these issues. :-
I have been using Comodo for a long while and have never personally experienced the mentioned issues as far as I recall.
The common factor to reoccurring issues can sometimes be put down to the actions of the user and how they maintain their systems IMO.
If an uninstall leaves a broken network, please see the quote below for an easy fix.


I have had no issues with un-installing CIS or CCAV with the built-in un-installers. I don’t think there needs to be a removal as there is a unofficial removal tool. That would be a waste of time and could be spent on making Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon updated to make it more secure with current version of Google Chrome / Firefox / etc browsers. If I still used Comodo Dragon / Ice Dragon, I would rather have the browsers updated than a uninstall tool when the unofficial one would work for the purpose if problems arise.

Many of the machines I need to uninstall Comodo from have other issues which have borked the Comodo installation. When everything is OK otherwise there generally isn’t a problem. People who work on problem computers professionally DO run into situations where an uninstaller would be a very worthwhile tool. There are occasions where ANY antivirus can use an uninstall tool.

And when was the last time you used the unofficial tool? It’s never done the job when I needed it.

Just because one person hasn’t had any problem up to this point doesn’t mean that others have had no problems.

If someone hasn’t experienced this problem yet, likely it’s because they haven’t worked on many computers with various problems. I’ve been a tech for a long time. Comodo needs to develop an uninstall tool.

I worked with computers for 25 years. I found the antivirus removal utilities do not work as good as people think. I had Avast installed, I un-installed it and used there clean up tool following the directions. I found leftover folders, files and registry tools. So the clean up tools do not work to remove everything. And yes I have used the unofficial comodo removal tool with the directions and found it doesn’t remove everything. The last time I uninstalled, I uninstalled it with built in uninstaller. This was done doing it in windows regular mode, not safe mode. I then check to see if the Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver was removed from local area connection. Then checked for leftover files and folders, which there was none. I then checked the registry and removed Comodo / Comodo Group registry entries, I found then in 3 locations. I haven’t had any reinstall issues without using the removal tool. It would not be recommended to mess with registry if you not sure what you are doing. So again my whole point is that even official clean up tools won’t remove everything.

I’ve worked in Computers since the days of the original IBM PC, and worked with mainframes as well.

Cleanup tools aren’t 100% effective. However, there are cases where the built-in uninstaller won’t run at all. Many times a cleanup tool WILL do the job.

If 100% proper operation and effectiveness is the standard, then NO piece of software would be written as no program works properly all the time under all conditions.

Most world-class security suites have cleanup uninstall tools because they DO work in most cases when they are needed.

Comodo needs a separate cleanup tool because Comodo is a world-class internet security suite.

I request the development of an official uninstaller / cleanup tool for Comodo because no world-class security suite should be without one.


We have been asking for one for years, it would make life a lot easier for everyone :slight_smile: