Cannot open CPF GUI interface.

Last week I installed the Comodo Firewall Pro on Windows 2000 Server. The installation went well and I configured the firewall to my desired settings.

The problem I have is that after a day or so of functioning normally, I am suddenly unable to open the application GUI. When I try to open the shortcut, the mouse pointer turns to the hourglass for about a second and I notice a second instance of cpf.exe in the Task Manager for about a second. When I have this issue, I also notice that there is also no tray Icon.

The Comodo Application Agent services is reported to windows as functioning correctly and the processes cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe are listed in the Task Manager. My scans of the machine appear to indicated that the firewall is still functioning.

After rebooting the server and I am able to access the GUI again and all appears normal for a period of time until the same thing occurs. One thing to note is that I am accessing this server through Multiple Terminal Server Sessions (sometimes simultanously) throughout the day. I am not sure if this would have an impact.

I have tried a few searches on the forums and did not find an issue I thought might be related. Has a similar issue been reported?