Cannot open CAVS

I tried opening my CAVS 1.1 tonight for the first time in months. I click the Launchpad icon then I click AntiVirus under the “Your Installed Applications” heading then I click the “Show Application Window…” button. A DOS box pops up for about 1 second then closes and nothing further happens. The application window does not open.
The Comodo Firewall is running fine.

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You REALLY should upgrade to version 2.0.X of CAVS beta. V1.1 has not seen any development or upgrades for almost a year. I don’t even think that there are AV definition updates available for V1.1. There is no support committment from Comodo for V1.1

You can download the latest version from

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Ewen :slight_smile:

Will do - I was just leary of the “Beta” designation.

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Don’t be - it’s far more stable that v1.1 ever was, IMO. Technically, Comodo’s download page for v1.1 referred to it as a Beta as well…

2.0 is more stable, faster, stronger, installs & uninstalls far more smoothly, requires less system resources when running, and so on. Much better. It does have its issues, but the HAL.dll issue of previous versions has been resolved - that was probably one of the big kickers…