Cannot Login

Is anyone able to login to ASG?
I cannot login as a user or administrator. Been down about 2 hours approx. I’ve opened a ticket.

My mail is NOT flowing as well, I’ve tested multiple domains with comodo, and the mail is not flowing.

Ditto, same problem here with Comodo ASG in Melbourne Australia from at least 9AM, probably earlier. Have sent emails and raised support tasks with Comodo, so far no response so have changed MX records to avoid Comodo entirely but this won’t help emails stuck already in the queue.

Is this a repeat of the same problems we experienced back in early September when the ASG service went offline for 8 hours+ because Comodo support went home to bed??? I hope not as I had promised my customers it wouldn’t happen again. >:(

We’re at about 2.5 hours since I noticed problem here, luckily, it’s nearing end of business day for most companies Western Canada… but I agree, I hope it’s not happening again.
I raised a support issue as well, and haven’t received a response. I believe most of the support team and Michel are Eastern Standard time, which would put it 730pm their time at the moment. Problem started around 430-5pm EST. I too took a lot of flak for the outage last time.

Unfortunately we don’t all live in North America. It’s Tuesday morning here so this is having a major impact on our customers. Have received a response from Comodo support saying they are looking into the issue, hopefully some people are being tipped out of bed this time to fix it.

Hi - yes we are here

yes - we looked

yes - we can login and send emails to ourselves

Everyone else receivIng normally?

I can log in and send mail (smart host) but nothing is coming in. Just tried test message.


Some weirdness here - seems this is a little random, some are receiving email, some aren’t. Please bear with us a little longer while we go through each service/process and shut them down/restart them (yes there are 12 of each so it may take a while)

If your users are expecting those vitally important, critical to the ongoing of the universe as we know it emails please do a temporary MX record redirect and we’ll update this thread as we go along.

Thanks (and sorry) guys n gals.

The SMTP detesting guy who gets all the blame :slight_smile:


I can’t log in, and Comodo does not appear to be passing any email to my server. Messages sent to myself do not go through.

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forums…

Where are you on this glorious planet we call Earth?

Nearly there…

OK bz n’ gz - looking good - can anyone advise if mail receipt is OK?

Looks like we came up at 1:20 this morning, Eastern time in USA.
Just sent/received a test message.


I see the mail from outage period, and new traffic inbound.