Cannot login

Hi, I opened my account yesterday but did not try to login until now. It is rejected and I tried to change my password. The password change has been accepted but I still can’t login. :frowning:
I cannot try another password since the PW change is not accepted any more. Please help. Thx

Just curious, I know you already did but did you check your email address listed with EasyVPN ? I know when I signed up, it looked as if I was ready to go but I had to click on a link in an email.

Not sure about changing emails? Not sure about EasyVPN but a few require exact matches. Passwords we all know about, but a few also require the same case in the name entered.

It should be something simple and Good Luck.


Follow UP, check Services.msc to ensure both EasyVPN entries are set to Automatic and Started.
I was checking somehting else and had to disable them.

Also did you check your anti malware products Firewall antivirus etc. Anything that is active, I temporarily turned off Comodo Firewall for these tests and have Windows Firewall installed. Got a popup saying did I want or allow.

Hi, Thx for your answer. I finally found out that the User Name is the complete eMail address. I had only entered the Id and that’s why it did not work…

i happen to the same thing,i also shutdown my firewall,anvirus software,and make the comodo vpn program allowed pass through the firewall in windows firewall. but it still can not login . the account name and its password are correct. why? :-\

how about that ?