Cannot load website correctly

Hi, with Comodo DNS i cannot load correclty if i activate other VPN works so it’s Comodo.

Does it get blocked?

It loads only blue links and all other page elements are not loaded.

So you get text only?

I tried to reproduce using:
Preferred DNS :
Alternate DNS :

Then I tried a couple of browsers and cleaning Windows DNS cache.

Try cleaning the cache of your browser and see if that makes a difference.

The issue persist also in incognito and on Edge and Firefox
If i use Opera weith VPN i can see the website correctly.

Mine DNS setup from Comodo Internet Security:


I get the same thing with those servers. It looks like a third party domain gets filtered by Secure DNS.

Either you switch to the other Secure DNS servers or submit the site to Report Blocked Sites You Believe Are Safe Here 2019 stating third party domain(s) are getting blocked but not the site its self.