Cannot install on ubuntu 12.04

Downloaded the .deb file and installed using Ubuntu Software Center.
Then opened terminal and used sudo /opt/COMODO/
Everything seemed fine but at the end of the script it says cmgdaemon not running.
It says the file or directory does not exist.
I checked the file system and I see the directories and the files.

I also tried sudo bash /opt/COMODO/ (same result)

Cannot get it to run. Any suggestions? I am still somewhat new to Ubuntu and linux.

OK I found the problem. I had downloaded and had installed the 32 bit version and not the 64 bit version. I needed to use the dpkg command to remove and purge the 32 bit version so the 64 bit version would install.
Then I installed the 64 bit version and it ran and I got the user interface. Do I still need to run the /opt/COMODO/ command???


Run its diagnostics and CAVL will tell you.