Cannot install in Windows 10

Hi all,
I’ve used Comodo Firewall for years without any problems. I can’t install it on Windows 10. I get a message saying Comodo 8 cannot be installed on this version of Windows. I have just had to perform a full computer reset to default resetting my pc to Windows 8 then upgrading to 10 before installing Comodo. Once before when I upgraded it worked once installed in 8.1 and upgrading to 10. So I know it’ll work. Please can anyone help?

Make sure you have the latest version of CIS before you install.

Hi, Thanks for your help. I did download the very latest version. Double checked to be sure! Any other thoughts greatly appreciated!

Windows 10 now actively blocks the install of the latest comodo firewall, saying it is not compatible with the way windows 10 programs run.
It worked good yesterday ( had to do a reinstall)

BTW the free download is from: Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022

installer: cfw_installer_6106_53.exe

Windows says its version 8.0

Is there another download page with a working version, or was there a windows 10 update recently that has caused this?

any help would be appreciated


Installation from
still works.

I will let it update itself