Cannot initiate a CMS scan using the Comodo One portal

Issue : Cannot initiate a CMS scan using the Comodo One portal
Device : Samsung S2 Tablet
OS : Android 6.0.1

1. What actually happened
Logged in to Comodo One on the tablet. Selected “Start Scan”.
2. What you did to cause that to happen, step by step
i) Logged into Comodo One portal and selected the Samsung device
ii) Selected “Start Scan” under the Security heading
3. If you repeat these steps does the same thing always happen
4. What you expected or wanted to happen
I expected CMS to be invoked and start a scan on the device
5. Operating system, whether 32 or 64bit, and service pack number
Android 6.0.1
Full version number (from Help ~ About)
6. Any other security or sandbox software installed now or previously
Comodo Mobile Security
7. Does this problem occur if you load the default configuration and reboot
8. Any other relevant information (eg Your guess at the reason for the bug)
9. Links to requested files

Hi Panic,

Could you please answer the following question for us to comprehend what happened in your case?

Q: After you send a Scan command for your tablet, do you see a log for a scan on Scan Logs page on CMS? Could you please check this? Because starting a scan will not open in the foreground on your tablet. Scan will be carried out in the background and its result (Secure, Needs Attention, Risky) will be displayed on COHE UI.

So, as long as, you are able to see a scan log on Scan Logs page (you can check this by the time you send scan command from COHE UI) and you see the correct result displayed on COHE UI, everthing is OK with “Start Scan”. This is how it was designed.

However, if you see anything different, there might be a problem, so please let us know that.

Thanks in advance =)

A. Logged into COHE and the GUI reported the last scan on this device was done on July 21. Checking CMS, it reported that there had been 19 scans performed. I started another scan from the COHE GUI at 12:30AM. I then waited until 12:40AM and rechecked the COHE GUI. COHE GUI still reports that the last scan was July 21. I then rechecked CMS and it still reported that there had been 19 scans done.

It appears as though the two are not talking. :frowning:

On a side note, as it stands, the user has no idea if anything happened when they have clicked “Start Scan”. Wouldn’t it be better if the COHE GUI reported that a scan had started when it starts, rather than waiting until the scan has finished to update the COHE GUI status.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,

Thanks for re-checking the issue for us. It appears there are 2 things you are pointing out right now:

  1. COHE and CMS is not communicating: Well, it does communicate when we check the issue here, but still there might be a problem, though. We are unable to re-produce it here. So maybe, may I ask you to check whether any other command (uninstall an app, lock device, etc.) sent from COHE reaches your device? If they do, but Start Scan does not, then we will try even harder to re-produce the issue.

  2. Users have no idea if anything happened when clicked to “Start Scan”: Nice point. We are aware of the limited interaction here. We will have this one on our backlog/roadmap.

Thanks in advance =)

  1. Uninstall an app command does work.

I did notice 1 curious fact however.

Before attempting to do a “Start Scan” from within the COHE GUI, I did a scan manually within CMS just to check that CMS was actually scanning correctly. The scan completed and the CMS GUI reported that there had been 23 scans completed. I then logged into COHE and selected “Start Scan”. After I did this, the security status had reverted to “Needs Attention” and the date of the last scan showed July 21.

Does the COHE GUI only report the date of the last scanned initiated by the COHE GUI? Shouldn’t it display the last successful completed scan, regardless of whether it was a manual scan done solely within CMS or one started by COHE?

I’ll report back when a COHE initiated scan has completed.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,

We will try to acquire the tablet you are using, in order to reproduce the bug and see what is causing the communication problem between COHE and CMS.

Apart from that, Start Scan on COHE was designed to retrieve the last scan from CMS, regardless of whether it was done in CMS or not. COHE only reports scan started by itself. However, I will bring this issue to the table when we are discussing the Start Scan improvements.

Oh, and the reason you see “Needs Attention” as the status is that both when the result itself in CMS is “Needs Attention” and communication with CMS is lost, COHe displays “Needs Attention” status. We need another (fourth) status here. I will add this to our backlog, immediately.

Thanks for all the help =)

Hi Nevzat,

Thanks for your prompt reply - much appreciated.

The COHE initiated scan has completed and CMS now reports 24 scans have been completed.

Strangely, in the COHE GUI, the Security status now shows as “secure” (in green) but the date of the last scan still shows as July 21.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,

Do you see “July 21” on Scan Logs page on CMS? If so, that’s the normal/true case for our design. We do not log COHE-initiated scans on CMS. Scan is carried out in the background.

If you see “July 21” on COHE GUI as “last scanned on July 21”, well, that’s an interesting and challenging case. That’s not supposed to happen =) Please let us know if so, and we will check it.

Thanks in advance =)

Nope - there are 24 scans in the CMS logs but the earliest in July 22nd??!!??

Ewen :slight_smile:

So, date on COHE GUI about the last scan is incorrect? I will check to re-produce it.

Thanks =)